Typhoon Fengshen - 2008/06/23 1200 UTC

Flight route of DOTSTAR

The flight route of DOTSTAR

Storm symbol in black: Location of the storm center at 2008/06/23 1200 UTC.
Storm symbol in green: Location of the storm center as the first dropwindsonde reached the surface.
Storm symbol in blue: Location of the storm center as the last dropwindsonde reached the surface.

Wind vector at each pressure level

Dropwindsonde information and the estimated surface wind speed

12008/06/23 09:22:14118.822.35271235.74.74.6
22008/06/23 09:36:43118.021.2381139---6.46.3
32008/06/23 09:46:37117.020.73000767.27.87.0
42008/06/23 10:00:26115.220.2286020---10.19.8
52008/06/23 10:18:30116.820.021607711.810.19.7
62008/06/23 10:27:21117.719.923213410.213.313.0
72008/06/23 10:34:43118.619.7275161---11.611.3
82008/06/23 10:45:58119.819.5371175---10.510.7
92008/06/23 10:55:20120.720.3495------------
102008/06/23 11:08:45120.821.1552------5.4---

TIME: Time when dropwindsondes reached the surface. (UTC)
DIST: The distance form each dropwindsonde to the corresponded storm center. (km)
WD: Surface wind direction. (degree)
Surface wind speed: (unit : m/s)
(1) WS: Surface wind speed (at a height of 10 meters) directly from the dropwindsondes.
(2) MBL (Franklin 2003): Averaging the dropwindsonde wind speed over the 0~500 m layer, multiplied by 0.80.
(3) WL150 (Franklin 2003): Averaging the dropwindsonde wind speed over the 0~150 m layer, divided by 1.229.


WMO/TEMPDROP format code. [ZIP archive file]

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