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Typhoon Maria (data provided by CWB)

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Typhoon Lan (data provided by CWB)

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Typhoon Talim (data provided by CWB)

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Principal investigator: Prof. Chun-Chieh Wu

Ask for Data

If you want to ask for the raw data of dropwindsondes (after 2012), please contact with Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

Currently available data can be found at Observation Cases page.

Data policy:

We request that a proper acknowledgement to the "DOTSTAR" accompany the use of these data in any publications and presentations. If use of DOTSTAR data in a publication constitutes a major or fairly significant aspect of an article, co-authorship by the principal DOTSTAR investigator(s) is appropriate; please discuss any such planned use with the associated lead scientist of DOTSTAR. We welcome collaborations and will lend our expertise in interpretation and evaluation of the data. The DOTSTAR project is willing to share all its data with those in the research community who agree to reasonable and fair research coordination and/or collaboration. The users of the data agree not to redistribute the data.