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Typhoon Atsani(data provided by CWB)

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Typhoon Chan-Hom(data provided by CWB)

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Typhoon Neoguri(data provided by CWB)

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Aircraft "ASTRA"

The basic information of AIDC's aircraft "Astra" :

  • Flight hours: 6 hours
  • Flight height: 43,000 feet
  • Flight speed: 720 km/hr
  • AIDC crews: 3 persons
  • On-board scientists: 3 persons
  • Instrument: Airborne Vertical Atmosphere Profiling System (AVAPS), satellite phone

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AIDC has accomplished AVAPS setup and passed the certification (2003/03)

GPS dropwindsonde

The newest dropsonde is developed successfully by NCAR for atmospheric reserach. The equipments carried by airplane over the ocean where meteorolgical information is highly lacking, can measure the pressure, temperature, moisture, and the vertical distribution of horizontal wind speed and wind direction and they play an important role in improving the forecast of typhoon track and intensity.

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The NCAR GPS Dropsonde system